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Evolving Together

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”


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Welcome to APKA FAYDA
Apka Fayda is an initiative of Parivartan the Trust With the aim of helping the public at large and help them to stand up and fight for their rights & issues.

Assoloun pe agar aanch aaye.
To takraana jaruri hai,
Jo jinda ho tum,
To jinda najar aana jaruri hai.

We provide all kind of information pertaining to consumer rights issues predominantly in the field of real estate where the cheating has become very common. Also other related topics of interest to public at large can be sourced from our website. So that we can proudly says Apka Fayda Evolving Together.

Also to keep ourselves in a profit mode we are promoting websites of some very ethical companies mostly in the field of online shopping, Travel, Matrimonial, etc so that you also benefit from the wide range of options available with us.

We have only one request to make if you have benefited from the service we offer please let your friends and family know so that can keep up the motto Apka Fayda (saving together).

We are also doing a detailed research on the various topics those concern our daily lives. You can take the benefits from our site. Read our blog at: www.apkafaydaevolvingtogether.blogspot.in
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